Pere is a name that derives from the French influential classic theatrical play (“Ubu the King” or “King Turd”), which praises pre-Surrealism where the protagonist was named “Père Ubu” (and where the well known band’s name also came from).

Construction wise its intentionally low height as to the level of the ground floor forms a living area not only in terms of transition in the space but also offers a pleasant stay. This area of low tone lighting has been strengthened by the placement of two elongate tables which create a central axel that exploits all the dynamism and width range of the area turning it into a central meeting point. Pere restaurant & bar style is clearly based in the morphological elements associated with the image and the memories of a big city, creating an urban landscape in the interior of the store. Its sign "HUNGRY", a tailor made construction from bronze and iron, the perforated metal plexuses with their industrial aesthetics, the sizeable decorative lightings of the famous architect "Le Corbusier" refer to the street life of an urban center. The imposing metal grid on the left side of the space with the use of glass and downlights that creates the feeling of a large window-frame facing a city, shapes the atmosphere.

The configuration and construction of Pere is based on the concept of a casual restaurant, a “burger bar”. Its style is influenced by the American dining culture elements and is reflected with an abstract approach.


Pere private lounge aroused from the need to create a living space on the second level of Pere, where a new meeting point has been formed with a private touch reminiscent of the interior of a house. A style with bold retro and sophisticated character given to all the decorative touches.

The combination of the refinement of gourmet cuisine with the quality of pure organic materials, the passion, the expertise of professional chefs and the imagination in the presentation of the dishes have created the ultimate destination for all hours of the day.

Music that alternates daily from local distinguished dj’s in combination with the cheerful “wizards” of the bar known for their "signature" cosmopolitan cocktails, has engraved Pere bar in the consciousness of the consumers among the favourites of Glyfada and justly the "hot spot” of cocktails in the southern suburbs of Athens.

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    Maybe now the cosiest place in Glyfada.Suitable for coffee ,light lunch and dinner and of course cocktails and drinks. Good service, the only concern is customer treatment when you are looking for a table.The place is small and you must for a while if you would like so.Maybe a solution would be a waiting stand for keeping an order in sitting queue..

    Visited December 2015

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    The food is very good, the atmosphere is excellent at night. Good music, good vibe, try the coctails!

    Maritina, Corfu

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    Was visiting Glyfada and cocktailing at various spots. Decent cocktail menu and able to accommodate special requests on the fly. A bit of a challenge to get a table for drinks later in the evening - one of the new "in" places in town. Drinker menu didn't appear to be anything special, so we moved on to Moouu for a great dinner.

    Visited December 2015


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